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A Warm Welcome to the family of VAIRAMS by one of the responsible members of the family.

‘Leaders don’t create followers. They create more Leaders’

Education is to teach wisdom, not trade; character, not technicalities.

While man Judges another man by his actions and material wealth, GOD judges man by his intentions and strength of character. The proof of right living is in the grace that is constantly showered on you. The CREATOR comes in search of those who deserve HIM more than those who merely desire HIM.

Educate to exist and exist to succeed.

Life is like a ‘Snake & Ladder Game’ we keep playing; We keep living; everyday wanting to find a ladder, hoping to make things better, waiting to rise and move up.

Least would anybody want a snake, least would anybody want a fall. What’s rise without a fall? What’s happiness without the occasional grief? To know how deep I’m, once in a way, I’ll have to come to the surface, isn’t it? In fact the joy of the ladder is much more after a snake…… In short life is just a funny game.

Tips to make our life lively

  • Doing good work would take you closer to your personal GOD.
  • More than the idea, it is the presentation of the idea, that’s important.
  • I am ‘the enlivening force’ to various roles of my life and it is not the roles which enable me to survive.
  • Do not become an unwanted intruder of your own progress; keep always flowing; flow with the flow.
  • Learn to rise to the occasion.
  • Happiness is a pre – decision. It is that I decide before I encounter a situation.
  • Decide to be happy and Enter VAIRAMS; have a great experience

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    Our History

    The Vairams Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Pudukkottai, founded on 13th June 1989, with the paltry strength of 45 children  is a  Co-educational Day School, offering education based on the syllabus prescribed by the Govt. of Tamil Nadu.

    Vairams Mat. Hr. Sec. School was founded by Thiru. MAM. SP. Vairavan Chettiar, a renowned business magnate and philanthropist, whose money was productively utilized for many charitable causes, especially to the cause of education.  In order to efface the common notion that Pudukkottai district is educationally backward, this selfless pragmatic visionary founded the school, which has grown into an oasis of full-fledged institute, being instrumental to quench the thirst for wisdom and enlightenment.

    It’s a brand new classic school with a difference of acknowledged excellence in all aspects of education offering instruction in English Medium for students in grades Kindergarten through XII Standard.

    The School designed and intended for a high quality, student-oriented sterling education, remains a personalized centre for personality development caring the creativity and progress of students.

    Self-discipline is one of the cherished goals of the school.  Discipline is based on guided and controlled freedom of students to ensure their individual development.  Education is made a pleasure in seeking knowledge and building character and not a torture in the name of discipline.

    Hundred per cent result and bagging almost all the top most district ranks both at the X Matriculation Examinations and the +2 Examinations is a notable feature firmly and periodically established every year by our students.  Many of the +2 students get seats in Medicine besides getting seats in illustrious Engineering and other professional courses.

    Our campus and its location:

    The campus is of a two and half acre site. The school plan includes Multi ‘V’ shaped main buildings with over 80 classrooms, an open-air theatre and a conference hall. Specialized classroom facilities with Smart Class Plasma TV include computer lab, science Laboratories, English Language room, Music Room, Art Room, Library cum reading Room, Audio-Video Room, Examination hall, Activity Room, Kinds’ Play field, Play ground etc. The school is well furnished with latest educational materials and equipment. The existing facilitates are updated every year tuning to modern and advanced innovations.

    Location :

    The school is located in Pudukkottai, the district headquarters town and is approximately half a kilometer from the Railway station and a Kilometer from the main Bus stand. It is located in a campus, free from traffic and other pollutions.

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    Welcome to Our School !

    Welcome to VMS, The school that can make difference in the Life of an individual.

    With the motto of “Educating today’s children to Face the world with confidence”, Vairams aims at molding and shaping an individual to fit to Global standard. The school aims at encouraging an individual to realize their self identity and Positive Esteem.

    With the supreme efforts of our Management, administrators and dedicated staff, VMS aims to develop responsible citizens and leaders by providing Value Based Education system. School provides challenging holistic value-based education with emphasis upon academic achievement, service to others, environmental stewardship, team work and leadership.

    It is gratifying that the school stands as a symbol of excellence, fulfilling the dreams of its founding father.


    Our Founder

    Amarar MAM  SP. Vairavan Chettiar, our school founder, whom we all call Ayya, was born the son of  Sri MAM  Subramanian Chettiar and Smt Muthayi Achi on 18th December 1929, in Rayavaram, a village which is 25 kms from Pudukkottai town.

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